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Shinx Community Day Guide

November 20, 2021 - Captain Goldfish

Do we need a raid pass? Nope, Shinx are gonna be lose on the streets!

Download full size infograph here.

Shinx community day is here! Forget about all those raids you did, they will be common as super effective dirt, and oh so sparkly.

So, these guys evolve into a Luxray, it looks cool, and I had to draw one a while back for a raid guide, so it’s a decent PvE attacker. It’s outclassed by some of the other hard hitters, but still, it’s cool and easy to get.

If you’re looking to take it to PvP with it’s exclusive move, it makes it better than it was, and it wasn’t very good. If you’re like me, you will make a couple Luxray just in case, and never use it.

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