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Shock Genesect is in raids until January 22nd! Make sure you are prepare with for Pokemon Go raids!


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Popular Raids In Pokemon Go
January raids are here with with the introduction of Mega Aerodactyl and Shock Genesect.
  • Shiny Shock Genesect with special move Techno Blast Shock will be in raids from January 15th until January 24th 10am local time.
  • Shiny Regice will be in raids from January 24th until February 1st 10am local time.
  • Shiny Mega Aerodactyl will be in raids from January 7th through February 1st 10am local time.

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Mega TierMega Raid

The current mega raids are the best way to obtain mega energy to power up the strongest pokemon! They are often done with groups of 6-10 level 30-40 players. Some intrepid experts have done some of these raids with as few as 2-5 players.

Mega Aerodactyl5639924217715000
Tier 5Legendary Raid

The current legendary raids are the best way to obtain strong pokemon! They are often done with groups of 6-10 level 30-40 players. Some intrepid experts have done some of these raids with as few as 2-5 players.

Shock Genesect4783621016915000
Tier 3Easy Group Raid

Tier 3 raids are targeted at groups of 2 level 30-40 players. They can be soloed by a level 40 player with a little luck and perfect play with awesome Pokemon.

Tier 1Easy Solo Raid

Tier 1 raids are quite easy to defeat by yourself. A level 20 player with imperfect pokemon should be able to beat this by themselves. These raids are a good way to collect candy for pokemon that are not common in your area.

Future Mega TierFuture Mega Raid

These mega raids are not in the game yet.

Mega Abomasnow4482420116215000
Mega Absol4852025911415000
Mega Aggron5968720627315000
Mega Alakazam6970830117515000
Mega Altaria4430618718415000
Mega Ampharos5587624417215000
Mega Audino3162112720015000
Mega Banette5298025813815000
Mega Beedrill4972425112815000
Mega Blastoise5424322019915000
Mega Blaziken5699427114415000
Mega Camerupt4618621115615000
Mega Charizard X5326022718015000
Mega Charizard Y6163126317915000
Mega Diancie6913228219715000
Mega Gallade6537026919315000
Mega Garchomp6674527918715000
Mega Gardevoir6523726919215000
Mega Gengar6521528716915000
Mega Glalie4423621014415000
Mega Gyarados6086024220615000
Mega Heracross6594127518815000
Mega Houndoom5382624016515000
Mega Kangaskhan4794820617715000
Mega Latias6576524024615000
Mega Latios6858527620215000
Mega Lopunny5504523418015000
Mega Lucario5486625615015000
Mega Manectric5134623715315000
Mega Mawile3786916018315000
Mega Medicham3752917315315000
Mega Metagross6726524824015000
Mega Mewtwo X8050933718715000
Mega Mewtwo Y8436834819215000
Mega Pidgeot4980123315015000
Mega Pinsir6146925219415000
Mega Rayquaza7520231918215000
Mega Sableye3090013118215000
Mega Salamence6491825621015000
Mega Sceptile5816826415815000
Mega Scizor5861523220915000
Mega Sharpedo4694824012515000
Mega Slowbro4845218821615000
Mega Steelix5141417927015000
Mega Swampert5571023518415000
Mega Tyranitar6769125522915000
Mega Venusaur5065320220615000
Future Tier 5Legendary Raid

These tier 5 raids are not in the game yet! Their stats and moves are still subject to change.

Arceus - Bug4928619919915000
Arceus - Dark4928619919915000
Arceus - Dragon4928619919915000
Arceus - Electric4928619919915000
Arceus - Fairy4928619919915000
Arceus - Fighting4928619919915000
Arceus - Fire4928619919915000
Arceus - Flying4928619919915000
Arceus - Ghost4928619919915000
Arceus - Grass4928619919915000
Arceus - Ground4928619919915000
Arceus - Ice4928619919915000
Arceus - Poison4928619919915000
Arceus - Psychic4928619919915000
Arceus - Rock4928619919915000
Arceus - Steel4928619919915000
Arceus - Water4928619919915000
Chill Genesect4783621016915000
Resolute Keldeo4845721716315000
Black Kyurem5600925615615000
White Kyurem5600925615615000
Aria Meloetta5028020918915000
Pirouette Meloetta4955722416015000
Shaymin - Sky4547721814215000
Zacian - Crowned Sword6786427420115000
Zamazenta - Crowned Shield5686720924215000

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