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Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf are available in regional raids until November 30th! Get counters for all your Pokemon Go raids!

Pokemon Go raids are here! Find out which Pokémon will counter raid bosses the best with the world’s most accurate custom Pokemon Go Raid Guide. Just select the raid below to see the best counters for each moveset!

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The lake guardian legends Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf will be in raids November 24th 1pm Pacific until November 30th. They are available via remote raids regardless if they are available locally.
  • Azelf is available locally in North & South Americas
  • Uxie is available locally in Asia Pacific & Austraila
  • Mesprit is available locally in Europe & Africa

Mega Pokemon are here for Pokemon Go raids!

  • Mega Raids are the same as Tier 5 raids with 300 seconds and 15000hp bosses
  • Mega Pokemon do NOT have the same stat reduction if over 4000 cp
  • Mega Raids will give you Mega Energy for the Pokemon you defeat and a non-mega version of that Pokemon
  • You use Mega Energy to transform your Pokemon for a few hours after which it will transform back to its normal self
  • Mega transforms after the first require less energy
  • Mega Pokemon provide a 10% boost to all Pokemon in the raid and 30% boost to all Pokemon using the same move types as the Mega Pokemon
  • Mega boost only applies in multi player raids
  • Mega boost does NOT apply to the mega itself!
  • Mega Pokemon will rotate through raids
  • Tier 2 and Tier 4 raids have been removed and their rewards moves to Tier 1 and Tier 3 raids
Pokebattler currently has implemented the correct stats for all Mega Pokemon and has implemented the Mega Pokemon boost.

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Articles and Videos About Pokemon Go Raids From Top Players And Researchers
Mega TierMega Raid

The current mega raids are the best way to obtain mega energy to power up the strongest pokemon! They are often done with groups of 6-10 level 30-40 players. Some intrepid experts have done some of these raids with as few as 2-5 players.

Mega Abomasnow448240015000
Mega Blastoise542430015000
Mega Charizard X532600015000
Mega Charizard Y616310015000
Mega Gengar652150015000
Mega Houndoom538260015000
Mega Pidgeot498010015000
Tier 5Legendary Raid

The current legendary raids are the best way to obtain strong pokemon! They are often done with groups of 6-10 level 30-40 players. Some intrepid experts have done some of these raids with as few as 2-5 players.

Tier 3Easy Group Raid

Tier 3 raids are targeted at groups of 2 level 30-40 players. They can be soloed by a level 40 player with a little luck and perfect play with awesome Pokemon.

Raichu - Alola16848003600
Tier 1Easy Solo Raid

Tier 1 raids are quite easy to defeat by yourself. A level 20 player with imperfect pokemon should be able to beat this by themselves. These raids are a good way to collect candy for pokemon that are not common in your area.

Future Mega TierFuture Mega Raid

These mega raids are not in the game yet.

Mega Abomasnow448240015000
Mega Absol485200015000
Mega Aerodactyl563990015000
Mega Aggron596870015000
Mega Alakazam697080015000
Mega Altaria443060015000
Mega Ampharos558760015000
Mega Audino316210015000
Mega Banette529800015000
Mega Beedrill497240015000
Mega Blastoise542430015000
Mega Blaziken569940015000
Mega Camerupt461860015000
Mega Charizard X532600015000
Mega Charizard Y616310015000
Mega Diancie691320015000
Mega Gallade653700015000
Mega Garchomp667450015000
Mega Gardevoir652370015000
Mega Gengar652150015000
Mega Glalie442360015000
Mega Gyarados608600015000
Mega Heracross659410015000
Mega Houndoom538260015000
Mega Kangaskhan479480015000
Mega Latias657650015000
Mega Latios685850015000
Mega Lopunny550450015000
Mega Lucario548660015000
Mega Manectric513460015000
Mega Mawile378690015000
Mega Medicham375290015000
Mega Metagross672650015000
Mega Mewtwo X805090015000
Mega Mewtwo Y843680015000
Mega Pidgeot498010015000
Mega Pinsir614690015000
Mega Rayquaza752020015000
Mega Sableye309000015000
Mega Salamence649180015000
Mega Sceptile581680015000
Mega Scizor586150015000
Mega Sharpedo469480015000
Mega Slowbro484520015000
Mega Steelix514140015000
Mega Swampert557100015000
Mega Tyranitar676910015000
Mega Venusaur506530015000
Future Tier 5Legendary Raid

These tier 5 raids are not in the game yet! Their stats and moves are still subject to change.

Arceus - Bug492860015000
Arceus - Dark492860015000
Arceus - Dragon492860015000
Arceus - Electric492860015000
Arceus - Fairy492860015000
Arceus - Fighting492860015000
Arceus - Fire492860015000
Arceus - Flying492860015000
Arceus - Ghost492860015000
Arceus - Grass492860015000
Arceus - Ground492860015000
Arceus - Ice492860015000
Arceus - Poison492860015000
Arceus - Psychic492860015000
Arceus - Rock492860015000
Arceus - Steel492860015000
Arceus - Water492860015000
Resolute Keldeo484570015000
Black Kyurem560090015000
White Kyurem560090015000
Landorus Therian518580015000
Aria Meloetta502800015000
Pirouette Meloetta495570015000
Shaymin - Sky454770015000
Thundurus Therian503690015000
Tornadus Therian442560015000

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