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TL;DR – Hunt down those Cliffs before Shadow Larvitar goes away! Shadow (Dark) Tyranitar redefines dark/ghost attackers now. It’s at Mega Gengar tier, MILES ahead of all other non-megas, is one of the most useful shadows in raids among all types, and is very future proof. L30 Shadow Tyranitar = L50 Hydreigon and all others […]

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Lake Trio Raid Guide

June 3, 2023 - Captain Goldfish
Tier 5 Raid Guide

Download full size infograph here. The Lake Trio is out! They are not super useful for anything, but they can be shiny! You’re going to have to remote the ones that are not in your region, so get that Dex Entry/Shiny! Mostly ghost and dark, you can prepare the same team for all of them, Ttar with […]

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