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Shadow Moltres is in local-only Shadow Tier 5 raids on weekends in October. They’ll presumably end on October 29 (although may possibly end earlier if October 28-29 end up being a Shadow Lugia raid weekend as rumored). In this article, I cover its role as both a fire and a flying-type attacker, as well as whether it’s […]

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Raikou Raid Guide

September 26, 2023 - Captain Goldfish
Tier 5 Raid Guide

Download full size infograph here. Raikou, legendary beast cat! I’m not backing down! It’s a good cat, look at those teeth, it’s a decent raid attacker, and a shadow version is even better, same candy, so go get an orange one! Ground it out for sure, you know the kings here, nothing else matters! Go to the official […]

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