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TL;DR Now, without a ground-type fast move: Meh. Shadow Ursaluna with Tackle/High Horsepower is comparable to ground Rhyperior at best. Below Garchomp, Landorus-T, Groudon, and probably Excadrill. Non-shadow Ursaluna? Nope. POTENTIAL: [Update – This is now VERY UNLIKELY to happen… Welp.] But just in the extremely unlikely event that Ursaluna gets a ground-type fast move… Non-shadow Ursaluna […]

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[Analysis] Guzzlord Solo Guide

November 10, 2022 - Teban54

TL;DR Generally safe, but small chance to get unlucky if Guzzlord has Sludge Bomb (1/8 failure rate against SB, 3.3% in random raid): 6*L40 regular Gardevoir (6*L40 Togekiss is similar, but even less consistent against Sludge Bomb) 6*L35 Shadow Granbull Almost always safe (<5% failure rate against SB, <1.3% in random raid): 6*L30 Shadow Gardevoir 1*L40 Shadow […]

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