Regidrago is the second Pokemon Go Elite Raid coming March 11th! Use the right Regidrago counters!

March Pokemon Go Raids are here! Get your Ho-Oh, Mega Medicham, Thundurus, and Mega Venusaur counters ready!


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TL;DR This infographic, in collaboration with @thepokegohunter, serves as our TL;DR for today! Altenatively, here’s the tier list in text form: Tier 1: Mamoswine (ice), Salamence / Dragonite, Metagross, Machamp Tier 2: Mewtwo (psychic), Swampert, Moltres (flying), Mamoswine (ground), Raikou / Electivire / Magnezone, Tyranitar (rock), Weavile / Mewtwo (ice) Tier 3: Moltres / Apex Ho-Oh / Entei / […]

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Shortest I’ve ever written, trust me. TL;DR CD move Surf is an upgrade over Water Pulse, but Mega Slowbro is still too slow for anything meaningful. Barely shows up on charts in raw power. Great bulk lets it contribute good damage in 6-player lobbies, but still behind or barely ahead of other megas. And only […]

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