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Team Rocket has invaded Pokemon Go and Pokebattler is here to help you fight them off! Battles are 3v3 with you facing your 3 Pokemon off against Team Rocket's boosted Pokemon. These battles can be extremely challenging so make sure you prepare before you challenge them!

Team Rocket Pokemon are no longer as powerful as they once were. As long as your Pokemon can resist the quick attack and you use shields on the final boss, the fights should be much easier

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Team Rocket Invasions In Pokemon Go
All announced shadow Pokemon are appearing in invasions! Gallade and Gardevoir are the most recent difficult additions
Shadow Gardevoir is the fairy evolution of Ralts to this Sunday's community day.
Shadow Gallade is the fighting evolution of Ralts from this Sunday's community day.

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Rocket Tier 2Rare Shadow Battles

Rocket Tier 2 battles are difficult but should be beatable by anyone using powered up appropriate counters. These battles are against boosted level 30 Pokemon for level 40 players. Lower level players will face easier Pokemon

Shadow InvasionCPAttDefSta
Shadow Blastoise8893408487487
Shadow Charizard10427522412412
Shadow Dragonair6426390329329
Shadow Dragonite13680610467467
Shadow Dratini3619294232232
Shadow Gyarados12237553441441
Shadow Houndoom9494524349349
Shadow Muk9959449410410
Shadow Politoed8839414425425
Shadow Poliwrath9337432436436
Shadow Scizor10832550430430
Shadow Scyther9763511406406
Shadow Snorlax11644449403403
Shadow Swampert10737489417417
Shadow Venusaur9814467447447
Future Rocket Tier 2Rare Shadow Battles

Our best guess of future Tier 2 Team Rocket Invasions

Shadow InvasionCPAttDefSta
Shadow Gallade11159553460460
Shadow Gardevoir11159553460460
Shadow Kirlia3490289230230
Shadow Ralts1940206162162
Rocket Tier 1Common Shadow Battles

Rocket Tier 1 battles are easier and should be beatable by anyone using appropriate counters. These battles are against boosted level 27 Pokemon for level 40 players. Lower level players will face easier Pokemon

Shadow InvasionCPAttDefSta
Shadow Bulbasaur4019276262262
Shadow Charmander3535272224224
Shadow Charmeleon5957360293293
Shadow Crobat9541435401401
Shadow Cubone3676218331331
Shadow Drowzee3744216314314
Shadow Golbat7127366343343
Shadow Grimer4962312218218
Shadow Houndour4454347204204
Shadow Hypno7532331433433
Shadow Ivysaur6126345329329
Shadow Magikarp98591208208
Shadow Marowak6611331418418
Shadow Marshtomp6411356308308
Shadow Mudkip4066293224224
Shadow Poliwag2993241201201
Shadow Poliwhirl5117301287287
Shadow Raticate6247366320320
Shadow Rattata2649245177177
Shadow Squirtle3410226283283
Shadow Wartortle5372293354354
Shadow Zubat2405204183183
Future Rocket Tier 1Common Shadow Battles

Our best guess of future Tier 1 Team Rocket Invasions

Shadow InvasionCPAttDefSta

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Featured Team Rocket Mechanics Research Article

Curious about how Pokebattler and Pvpoke reverse engineered Team Rocket's Invasion? Read on!

Team Rocket Update

July 28, 2019 - celandro
Pokemon Go Research
Team Rocket

Update #2, A special guest has taken over the Pokebattler channel to provide you critical information about how to build a Team Rocket battle party!

On July 22nd, Team GO Rocket started to mysteriously steal Pokestops and challenge players to Trainer Battles putting up little black tents over Pokestops! With them, they brought purple shrouded Shadow Pokemon, with Combat Power far higher than we’ve seen previously in Trainer Battles.

Check out our article by PVPoke master KakunaMattata for updates on the actual CP formula, which Niantic keeps changing to keep us on our toes.

July 28th at 4pm local time the event which they’ve been teasing is set to launch. through the Pokemon Go social media channels, ‘taken over’ by Team GO Rocket, and the New York City takeover ad stunts. A live streaming countdown on the Pokemon Go Youtube channel led to the announcement by Team Rocket of a global takeover.

Pokebattler was updated just 2 hours after Team Rocket took over New Zealand to help with the threat. Pokebattler currently gives a good idea of which Pokemon to use to beat the Team Rocket Invasion but there is still much research to do! It seems that Team Rocket’s Pokemon are not as effective as they should be given their enormous stats. Perhaps the Pokemon are resisting the orders of Team Rocket? Time will tell!

Here are the current stats used by Pokebattler for these Shadow Pokemon:

Shadow Bulbasaur3381-3649127x3x2
Shadow Ivysaur5229 – 5561 127x3x2
Shadow Charmander2957 – 3209127x3x2
Shadow Charmeleon5081 – 5410 127x3x2
Shadow Squirtle2848 – 3096127x3x2
Shadow Wartortle4559 – 4871127x3x2
Shadow Zubat1974 – 2183 127x3x2
Shadow Golbat6110 – 6470127x3x2
Shadow Crobat8246 – 8662127x3x2
Shadow Dratini3370-3654230x3x2
Shadow Dragonair6097-6475230x3x2
Shadow Dragonite13234 – 13793230x3x2
Shadow Venusaur9425 – 9894230x3x2
Shadow Charizard10023 – 10508230x3x2
Shadow Blastoise8522-8968230x3x2
Shadow Snorlax11207-11732230x3x2

In the initial wave, there were different multipliers applied and we were able to do some research regarding Trainer Level CP adjustment. It appears that something like (TrainerLevel – 15) / (40 – 15) works. Pokebattler has assumed that this caps out at TrainerLevel 20 for a minimum of 5/35 but there is lots more research to do here! Here are some Shadow Pokemon that were encountered by players with different trainer levels:

PokemonCPTrainer LevelTrainer Level

If you know more about what the heck is going on with these Team Rocket Events let us know on Twitter!

UPDATE: We have new info on the Team Rocket ‘Grunt Teams’! The Grunts give hints as to what you are going to fight. The 3rd Pokemon will be of the type, and typically the other two Pokemon will be the same type or Normal type. There are also 3 hints that are used when you will be fighting a Tier 2 raid! So if you see anything about winning or defeated, know you will be fighting a harder fight.

Hint from Grunt Team3rd Pokemon
Don’t tangle with usGrass Type
Do you know how hot Pokémon fire breath can getFire Type
These waters are treacherousWater Type
Normal doesn’t mean weakNormal Type
ROAR! … How’d that soundDragon Type
Coiled and ready to strikePoison Type
My bird Pokémon wants to battle with youFlying Type
Winning is for winners.Tier 2 Pokemon
Don’t bother, I’ve already wonTier 2 Pokemon
Get ready to be defeatedTier 2 Pokemon

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