PvP has been announced. Dual charge moves are now supported in Pokebox and Gym Simulations

Cresselia has arrived in raids and will be here until December 18!

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PvP Simulator

This feature is designed for logged in users and requires battle parties to use
For each side, type in a userid (you can find yours in the upper right hand corner), along with the battle party order which starts at 1. You can then pick the attack and dodge strategy of both the attacker and the defender.
Note: Currently, not much is known about the new Shield mechanic for PvP. It appears to work as a form of dodging. Dodging has been removed for now until more is known.

Warning, there may have been major changes in PvP not supported in this simulator

Gamepress has done some initial video analysis and the game mechanics appear to have changed dramatically. The pvp simulator below is for the old system and does not reflect the information from this fine Gamepress analysis
No Dodging
No Dodging
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