Mewtwo - Armored is coming to raids July 10th, with new stats and official moves!
Mudkip day is July 21st and Swampert will have Hydro Cannon and may have Muddy Water!

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Pvp is upon us!

Pokebattler has been hard at work, adding new features to support PvP. The full rankings page is finally ready for prime time! Many more types of rankings will be coming, including by type and matchups for every Pokemon. We also plan to have analysis tools to evaluate your battle parties for potential weaknesses and provide suggestions for filling out a battle party.

These results should be considered a starting point for PvP discussion. The rankings do not currently consider dual charge moves or switching Pokemon.

Silph Arena Cup
Silph Arena Jungle Cup
The Silph Arena cup for July. The Silph Arena is a monthly set of community tournaments that has different rules each month. For more information, visit
Great League
Great League
Great League is currently the most popular PvP format. It is mostly free of legendaries and has a wide array of possible Pokemon. It is dominated by low attack defensive Pokemon like Azumarill and Altaria
Ultra League
Ultra League
Ultra League is PvP format that favors defensive heavy hitters such as Giratina and Cresselia. Most competitive Pokemon are expensive to power up but there are some lower stardust options
Master League
Master League
Master League is a league without any limits and is dominated by level 40 defensive Legendaries and dragon types with dual charge moves. This is a very expensive league to be competitive in and is not recommended for beginners

We hope you are as excited as we are about what PvP brings to Pokemon Go. We hope these lists help guide you to building a strong team. Pokebattler will continue working on providing more refined lists and additional PvP features as time goes on.

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