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Mega Kangaskhan Raid Guide

November 16, 2023 - Captain Goldfish
Mega Raid Guide

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Capt Goldfish

Mega Kangaskhan, the regional pokemon is here in raids, in its mega form! It’s a rare chance to grab it if it isn’t in your area, getting some candy and a pokedex entry. For PvE, it’s pretty useless, but it has some play in PvP. Movesets make it fun, quick hitting, and a bit spicy and that’s always fun for sure.

What to use? Nothing but fighters really, it’s the only weakness you can exploit. You can see that charizard shows up in its Y mega form, but that’s just raw power to bring it just above Toxicroak on this chart, and it gives your party a boost. Mega Bunny gives you a same type boost, and is a better choice for mega if you have the option.

Go to the official counters page for a complete list, including shadows and megas to see how your Pokémon perform.


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Mega Kangaskhan Raid Guide
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