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Darkrai Raid Counter Guide

November 4, 2021 - Captain Goldfish
Tier 5 Raid Guide

Darkrai is a dreamy Pokemon, you’re going to want one, and you’re going to want to power it up, the shiny is cool, and you want to be cool.

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Darkrai Raid Counter Infographic
Do Darkrai dream of electric Mareep
Capt Goldfish

What good is Darkrai? It’s so very handy in PvE, it shows up time and time again as a top pick for many raids. Shadow Ball and Dark Pulse both perform well. Uses in PvP? Not really. Only in Masters, and even it’s exclusive move Sludge Bomb doesn’t really save it from fairies, so you wouldn’t use that. It’s just outclassed by Yveltal with the same move set, but would still be a viable spice pick, if you don’t have Yveltal, and don’t mind facing people ready to beat one.

Bring your fighters to take down Darkrai, you should have a good fighting team built, if you don’t, it’s worth it. A Machamp is not hard to come by, and is one of the most useful counters you can make. Fairies can make a run at it, and bug is also super effective, but fighters gonna fight, it’s what they do best after all.

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Darkrai Raid Guide
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