Hisuian Decidueye and Enamorus are having special raids on February 14th and 11th!

Dialga - Origin with Roar of Time and Palkia - Origin with Spacial Rend will be in Pokemon Go Raids February 24th and 25th for Pokemon Go Tour: Sinnoh, get your raid counters ready!

Shadow Raids are here! Get your Shadow Ho-Oh and Shadow Articuno counters ready!



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Mega Latios Raid Guide

January 30, 2024 - Captain Goldfish
Mega Raid Guide

Download full size infograph here.

Capt Goldfish

Mega Latios is here! It already shows up occasionally on top counter charts, and as a Mega it’s going to have some play. It’s my first perfect legendary, so mine will get even more use as a Mega. I don’t see it playing out in PvP, but still need to get that XL and shiny hunt, and enough mega candy to evolve the first time.

What to use? Dragon on dragon damage happening here, you can use the Mega Latios on itself for that cruel twist. Mega Ray is hard to beat even when it isn’t super effective, and it’s super effective as heck. Mega Gengar and Houndoom are also right up there, but if your fellow trainers are using dragons, a Mega Latios or Latias will help even more while it lasts.

Go to the official counters page for a complete list, including shadows and megas to see how your Pokémon perform.


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Mega Latios Raid Guide
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