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Sinister Cup Meta Anaylsis Using Now Sharable Pokebattler PVP Matrix

October 8, 2019 - KazukaMwar
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Silph Arena
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What and how?

The PvP Matrix is a powerful tool on, which can be used to sim multiple Pokémon against each other. These results can now easily be shared by sending the URL to a friend.

Why and what for?

With shareable matrix results it becomes easier to analyze teams, metas and entire Silph Arena Cups. With the matrix you can easily answer questions such as:

  • What Pokémon are the best in this Cup?
  • What Pokémon in the meta are best against the top 3?
  • Which Pokémon are best against a defined meta?
  • What Pokémon are strong against my team of 6?
  • Which of my 6 Pokémon have the best matchups against my opponents 6?

Let’s use Pokebattler’s PvP Matrix to answer these questions for the current Silph Arena cup, Sinister Cup:

  • What are the best Pokémon in this Cup?

The easiest to find this out is using Pokebattler’s rankings. But in case you want to see how every Pokémon (such as Poliwrath) ranks (similar to PvPoke’s rankings) and not just the top 30 you can do that with the PvP Matrix:

Scroll down and Poliwrath is sitting at 45.3% average win rate against the field with a large number of 0% win rates but also some very high win rates against otherwise tough opponents such as Bastiodon and Drifloom. This is why it does not show up as a general counter. Pokebattler is working on a ranking algorithm that will find these types of diamonds in the rough. Stay tuned! You can also see what the worst Pokémon in the Cup are; Smoochum, Mankey and Wobbuffet to the surprise of well.. noone.

  • What Pokémon in the meta are best against the top 3?

For Sinister, it’s no secret that the top 3 Pokémon to beat are Alolan Marowak, Poliwrath, and Steelix. Quite a good trio that covers itself well. In case you don’t want to sim every Pokémon against them or go to each of their pages on Pokebattler to try and compare which Pokémon performs well against them, you can use the PvP Matrix:

As you can see, Poliwrath is actually the best-released counter to those 3 (Jellicent is the best, although it’s currently unreleased, you never know with Niantic). Other strong choices include Slowbro/Slowking and Cresselia.

  • Which Pokémon are best in the defined meta?

In case you didn’t care which Pokémon beats Unown or Abra, you can use the PvP Matrix to find out what Pokémon are best in a defined Meta of the Cup? Of course: If we take Pokebattler’s Top 30 rankings, you can just go to Pokebattler’s Counters, as these are the top 30 Pokémon to use against the Top 30 in the Cup:

If you don’t agree with Pokebattler’s rankings or want to customize a defined meta that’s also possible with the PvP Matrix. Let’s take a recent example in Gamepress’ Sinister Cup Meta and sim all the Pokémon in their infographic and see what Pokémon is the overall best:

If you’re expecting people in your local tournaments to only use Pokémon from Gamepress infographic, Claydol sports the highest win rate. You can do the same for the top 25 Pokémon on PvPoke or the meta used by GoStadium, even add a Pokémon if you’re curious where it ranks in that meta or remove a Pokémon to see how that affects the results.

  • What Pokémon are strong against my team of 6?

So now that you found your secret picks and created a team, you want to know what Pokémon are strong against yours or if there are any gaps in your coverage. Again, you can do this with the PvP Matrix. Let’s go to the leaderboards and find the best team we can, I’m going to use the current #1 Quinby1’s team from his 7-0 Victory in the NYC Sinister Cup this weekend. The team is Steelix, Mawile, Poliwrath, Dusclups, Lugia & Alolan Marowak:

Again Cresselia is as a top pick, but Empoleon shows itself with a nearly 50%+ winrate across the board.

  • Which of my 6 Pokémon have the best matchups against my opponents 6?

Now that we have a team, we can use it when we practice helping us find the best matchups and safe switches against our opponent. Say we used Quinby1’s team and wanted to practice against that exact team:

Poliwrath stands out as an excellent option while Mawile isn’t doing us any favors except it’s Lugia matchup.

That’s all from me, check out the matrix on Pokebattler. Remember it’s a tool, not an answer book. It’s meant to help as a resource not to play the game for you. Although I think this new sharing feature can help a lot with team building, especially for less experienced players to find gaps or weaknesses in their teams.

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