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Mega Lopunny Raid Guide

November 14, 2021 - Captain Goldfish
Mega Raid Guide

Lopunny, her leggings are ripped and she is not pleased, get ready to fight for some mega candy to enter this one into your dex.

Download full size infograph here.

Mega Lopunny Raid Guide
How to take on this crazy rabbit of a pokemon.
Capt Goldfish

Is Lopunny something you want? I mean, you get credit for some medals by evolving another mega, you fill in your dex, will you use it for PvE, no, will you use it for PvP, not if you’re trying to win, or are way better than I am at flexing on people. The best I can think, is boosting other fighters in a raid, and looking cool at the same time.

Best counters? You shouldn’t be surprised to see Mewtwo, and fighters all showing up in my drawing, if you haven’t made them yet, get to trading for some. It’s possible to beat Mega Lopunny with 3 people if you’re all set with some lvl 40 counters on this infograph, but you know, the game isn’t always smooth, so grabbing a few more would be calming for everyone involved.

Go to the official counters page for a complete list including Shadows and Megas to see how your Pokemon perform.


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