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Cresselia has arrived in raids and will be here until December 18!

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Cresselia Raid Counters: Advanced Analysis
November 22, 2018 -
RaidsTier 5 Raid Guide

Warning: This article may forever change the way you think about raid counters We here at Pokebattler.com try our best to keep the main website as easy to use as possible. We provide counters that are usable for players and help people optimize their teams. The simplicity of the interface hides a lot of the […]

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We’ve had quite a few good topics about the best counters for all gen IV legendary raids, but I’d like to take a look at readily available options that can 5-man all of gen IV. Given that approach, I am not recommending that anyone go build this precise set of 10 Pokemon: it’s easy to […]

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