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The BEST Teams for Ultra League Season 6 in Pokémon GO Battle League!

February 16, 2021 - ZyoniK
Go Battle League
Ultra League

We are in the Final Week of GO Battle League Season 6 where you can Climb in Rating! Today we are going through the BEST Teams for Ultra League created by the Community!
#GOBattleLeague #UltraLeague #PokemonGO

ZyoniK – Jellicent –
danielZnyiri – Perrserker –
OxfordU – Escavalier –
ThoTechtical – Excadrill –
KiengIV – Slowbro –
Jfarm – Ampharos –
Purple Kyogre – Double Dragon –

0:00 Intro
0:30 ZyoniK – Jellicent
1:10 danielZnyiri – Perrserker
1:43 OxfordU – Escavalier
2:15 ThoTechtical – Excadrill
2:49 KiengIV – Slowbro
3:30 Jfarm – Ampharos
4:18 Purple Kyogre – Double Dragon

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