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Rayquaza Aggron Only Duo Contest Winners 2019!!
August 8, 2019 - celandro

Congrats to the winners of our Rayquaza Aggron Duo Only contest! Amazing job! And thanks to the infamous KiengIV for doing the commentary on this amazing feat!

These master trainers win cold hard cash, a free year of the Pokebattler Champion Subscription, and free No Aggron T-shirts.

Here are the details:

Rayquaza moveset: Air Slash / Aerial Ace
Weather: Partly Cloudy
Location: Reston, VA
Trainer Names: Random013 and teRynBo
Friendship Bonus: Best
Random’s Team:
15/15/15 3000 CP
15/15/15 3000 CP
15/15/14 2292 CP
15/14/15 2294 CP
15/13/14 2981 CP
teRynBo’s Team:
15/15/15 3000 CP
15/15/15 3000 CP
15/15/15 3000 CP
15/15/15 3000 CP
 ??? for the 5th aggron used.
Congratulations, amazing job!
And don’t fret fellow trainers, our other Rayquaza Duo contests are STILL going strong so keep at it with those Mamoswine!

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