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Drapion & The Flurry Of Aqua Tail! Nightmare Cup Meta Pokemon Guide With ValorAsh & 09Naruto90
April 24, 2019 - EliteFourTV

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Drapion – Ranked Number 1 Dark Type In Nightmare Cup By ValorAsh!

Congrats to ValorAsh ranking number 31st in the Silph Leaderboard as well.

In this video, we share:
– Why you should consider Drapion as your Dark Type
– What line up to play with your Drapion
– How to really utilize with Drapion shown by ValorAsh’s battle highlights


Drapion is a fantastic generalist, throwing out Aqua Tails left and right, and edging out the other Dark/Poison types. He really paves the way for other Pokemon to close at the end of a game with his shield pressure, and those with a more aggressive energy farming playstyle will find him very rewarding.

Battles at 1x speed.

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