Giovanni's Shadow Latias in the All-Hands Rocket Retreat Event! Use the right Shadow Latias counters!

October Pokemon Go raids are here! Get your Yveltal, Mega Gyarados, Xerneas, Giratina and Giratina Origin counters!



Yveltal Raid Guide

Download full size infograph here

Capt Goldfish

Yveltal! Everyones second favorite dark bird. It’s going to be a raid counter staple in PvE, and pretty high ranked in Master GBL, and it’s shiny!

Yveltal came at a bad time to fly, Xurkitree just had it’s day in raids and is the top electric counter out there, out classing the Zekrom. Rock has it’s day as well, with Ryperior once again proving the worth of community days.

Go to the official counters page for a complete list including Shadows and Megas to see how your Pokemon perform.


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